Sugar gliders can get a bad rap. I've met people that when I tell them I have sugar gliders they get this kind of panicked look and say, "I had a friend with one of those and it was so mean! It would bite me all the time!" Well, that can be easily avoided by bonding. Sugar gliders are not like dogs. They don't instantly love you. You need to work for their trust.

What is bonding?
  • Bonding is the act of making a physical and mental connection with your gliders. They trust you and you trust them.
Why is it important?
  • A comfortable pet is a happy pet. A happy pet is a nice pet!
  • You will be able have them on you without the fear of them wanting to run away,
  • The risk of biting drastically decreases!
How can you do it?
  • Use a bonding pouch whenever possible!
    • It's a polar fleece pouch with a mesh window. That way they can see and smell you better!
    • Literally use a tent (screen tents work best) or barricade yourself in a glider safe room where they can't get out.
    • Let them run around and play! This tells them that they can trust you. You are part of their fun!
    • Make sure there is no cords, chemicals or little places they can hide.
    • Provide food for them while they play. They can then start to trust you with their food.
  • Licky-treats
    • put something like natural/organic baby food (in a sweet flavor) or honey on your finger and let them lick it off. It makes them less scared of your hand.
How long does it take?
  • It's different for EVERY glider, but usually 6-12 months for joeys
  • Older gliders (1 year +) can be a little harder to bond with, but it is 100% possible! Just be patient and calm with them.

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